Road Safety and Behavior Tips

Defensive and eco-driving improves the road safety of vehicle drivers and has an economic and responsible impact on the environment. For this reason we have compiled, for the users of ALD Automotive vehicles, tips and instructions for ecological and defensive driving.

Find tips and ideas to enjoy a safer, environmentally conscious and more economical way of driving!

  • Defensive, if you want to learn the basics of 
  • Eco-driving with defensive driving concepts to learn how to adopt an eco-driving style
  • Eco-driving, with tips, recommendations and measures for this driving style

What are the benefits of defensive and eco-driving?

  • Protecting the environment by adopting a responsible attitude towards the environment
  • Motivate your employees and increase their safety and the safety of passengers by improving their driving behaviour
  • Reduce the number of accidents and the time available to deal with them
  • Maintain a strong company image
  • Reduce the cost of the vehicle fleet:
    • Those related to accidents and vehicle damage
    • Optimisation of fuel consumption
    • Reduction in the number of days to replace the vehicle
    • Avoidance of unnecessary tyre wear
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