ALD Automotive supports the Halki Island to become greener

On 5th of November in the presence of the official Greek authorities and the other partners of the project, ALD Automotive participated to the launching ceremony of the Halki Island electrification. The national initiative of GR-eco Islands started with Halki having as a main scope its transformation in a free emission place.

As part of this project, ALD Automotive offered to the municipality the leasing of 2 fully electric vehicles to help protect the environment by reducing the CO2 emissions. This comes as a continuation of our existing commitments and it’s perfectly aligned with the pillar Move for Good from our Move 2025 strategy, through which we are placing people and corporate social responsibility at the heart of our business model.

“I’m proud that ALD Automotive Greece is part of this smart green initiative as we believe that the future of mobility should be sustainable. Through actions like this one we encourage others to follow for the good of all and we support the transition to renewable energy. This project is for us a strong statement about the fact that we are a company which cares about the environmental protection and about a better tomorrow, the electric mobility being one of the key elements of our business.” - Gisele Urquia, CEO ALD Automotive Greece

The project was led by the Greek government under the auspice of the French Embassy and ALD Automotive, Public Power Corporation S.A., Syggelidis Group / Citroen, AKUO ENERGY, OMEXOM, VODAFONE and Papastratos.