ALD Electric: The future of mobility is electric

The world is changing and your fleet needs to change with it. If you’re ready to make the switch to electric, let us help you shape the future of your fleet with ALD Electric for a cleaner, brighter future.

ALD Electric is a holistic “end-to-end” approach to the powertrain shift for company and commercial fleets. 

Tailored support is provided across all aspects of the electric journey to help you manage the energy transition and encourage driver adoption with:

  • Energy transition advisory support  
  • Charging facilities at home, at the office and on the road 
  • Integrated proposals for available electric vehicles
  • Comprehensive digital services for drivers and fleet managers

ALD Electric will give you the map to make your energy transition and we’ll guide you along the journey.


ALD Electric helps:

  • Address all aspects of your mobility policy to incorporate e-mobility from CO2 output to total cost of EV ownership 
  • Identify the right powertrain for the right driver 
  • Set electrification objectives (annually and by geography)
  • Provide an attractive electric vehicle offering 
  • Manage charging infrastructure requirements
  • Boost electric vehicle adoptation


What’s included*:

Advisory services
Advisory services
  • Fleet analysis, market intelligence & benchmarking
  • Driver profiling
  • Policy recommendations and optimisation
An all-inclusive electric vehicle package
An all-inclusive electric vehicle package
  • Multi-brand & category vehicle catalogue for passenger cars and light-commercial vehicles
  • Charging services
Charging infrastructure support
Charging infrastructure support
  • Preferred charging provider access
  • Home and office charging assessment and installation
EV enabler options
EV enabler options
  • EV test drives
  • ALD Flex medium term EV rentals

*Subject to contract with ALD Automotive and/or where available


How does it work?

Infographic ALDElectric_GR2


Key benefits

Fleet managers

  • Benefit from a tailored EV strategy and transition plan 
  • Contribute to corporate CSR objectives (global warming and public health) by reducing carbon output 
  • Ensure efficient EV implementation based on vehicle cost and usage
  • Facilitate energy invoicing and access to consumption data
  • Simplify charging infrastructure management
  • Increase driver awareness with EV campaigns and training


  • Choose from a broad range of EV brands & categories 
  • Benefit from home charger advisory and installation services
  • Streamlined energy reinvoicing services
  • Use 24/7 driver support & assistance for charging
  • Access combined charging services at home, in the office and on the road
  • Enjoy a safer, cleaner and more enjoyable driving experience


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Mobility is changing.
The future of mobility is electric.