ALD Automotive Greece

ALD Automotive is Europe's largest player and a leading international provider of vehicle leasing and fleet management

ALD Automotive  is a subsidiary of Societe Generale and a top supplier for full-service leasing and fleet management. ALD Automotive Greece was established in 2007 and our portfolio consists of corporate clients, international contracts, and small-medium enterprises. 

As a company we are committed to support each client, each fleet manager and driver, by utilizing our expertise and by supplying the specific products and services required to deliver a unique experience.

Our ambition is to be the leader among leasing and fleet management companies by working continuously side by side with our customers (corporate & international clients, small and medium enterprises, and freelancers) in order to guide them towards the best mobility solutions. We provide innovative solutions that can increase vehicle utilization. Managers and drivers can make full use of online reporting tools, mobile applications and portals, thus making their life easier. 


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